The Bowie Lounge 3: Time

Saturday, 1 December, 2018 - 19:30

The Bowie Lounge 3: Time
Tickets: £15/£12 concessions
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Taking the late-60’s Beckenham ‘Arts Labs’ which David Bowie was involved in as their inspiration, the Bowie Lounge perform a selection of his songs combined with readings, poetry, dance and live art and photography and will stage their latest show, ‘Time’ at AMATA on Saturday 1 December.

The result of this concoction of creativity is a unique celebration of a man who inspired so many people over the years, performed by a company of exceptional Cornish-based musicians and artists.

First performed in 2013 and updated in light of Bowie’s death in 2016, both times to great acclaim, the Bowie Lounge seeks to engage people with David Bowie’s words and music in a way unlike any other show; this is not a tribute band, but definitely a moving and exhilarating homage to perhaps the greatest rock star of his or any other era.

“Thematically inventive, boundary blurring theatre, building on, rather than retreading, David Bowie's legacy.” David Bowie Glamour - The Fanzine

“This isn't just some karaoke tribute band. What they do is way beyond that. Movement, dance, theatre, poetry. The performances of the songs are simply exquisite, and the choice of numbers immaculately judged...The Bowie Lounge deserves to be huge. Do see them when you can.” Nicholas Pegg, Author of the Complete David Bowie

‘A strange and wonderful experience, The Bowie Lounge blends music, painting, theatre and dance to create something which is joyful, melancholic and really rather moving. I absolutely loved it.’ Mark Kermode, BBC Film Critic

“Alternating moments of devastating melancholy and joyous celebration.” Kirsty Newton (Cornwall Today)
“the best music event Cornwall has seen in 2016” Lee Trewhela, The West Briton
“amazing production...seriously...get there!” Easy Action Records