Proto-type Theater: The Audit (or Iceland, A Modern Myth)

Friday, 19 October, 2018 - 19:30

Proto-type Theater: The Audit (or Iceland, A Modern Myth)
Tickets: £15/£12 concessions
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There’s a shadow coming, across the sea. Long and terrifying. The vultures are circling, the wolves are howling… how can we weather this storm?

The global economy is a mess. The crash has landed, the tide’s swept out, and it’s taken our hope with it. There’s less in our pockets and more to be spent. The rich have got richer, the middle’s squeezed tight, and the poor are being dragged ever downwards.

With the true value of money and the human cost of greed firmly in their sights, Proto-type Theater tell the story of how a nation raised their voices in protest and railed against the currents.

Using original text, performance, film, music and animation, THE AUDIT is about finding strength, overcoming a world designed to keep us docile, and how collective power can move a mountain – even if only a little.

THE AUDIT is Proto-type’s second theatrical work examining contemporary politics, following A Machine they’re Secretly Building, a “smartly intelligent hour-long whizz through the world of surveillance” (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

“They are not holding back in the slightest. They are out to expose: inequality, corruption, injustice, greed, borrowing, dishonesty, market manipulation, insider trading, fraud, tax evasion, and the frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty of the public. They can and they will name and shame.” – The Reviews Hub

“The brilliance of Proto-type’s approach is to engage, inform and entertain… they exude warmth and wit. The clarity and insight here allows for the telling of a modern horror story of greed that resonates with age old folk stories that we should not forget.” – Live Art Alive

**** “The kind of theatre that seeps into the sub-conscious.” – The List
**** “This is coolly reasoned theatre, produced by Proto-type Theater with stylish aplomb.” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian | #TheAudit