DRAFT - About



The Dance Research group operates as part of AMATA (Academy of Music and Theatre Arts) at Falmouth University. Dance at Falmouth integrates pathways of dance and performance, dance and choreography and dance and communities.

The aim of the group is to support and share the individual staff members’ research and interests while producing a distinctive research profile for the Dance programme as a whole.  

Research interests of the staff are eclectic, reflecting the multifaceted role of today’s dancer/ choreographers and their relationships to the contexts they work in.



The Dance Team is interested in the pedagogy of dance and their role as lecturers/ practitioners in the transmission of knowledge and embodied intelligence. All have worked with diverse communities and know the potential for collaborative choreographic practices to create dialogues and open up opportunities.In addition there is a strong history of looking at the relationship between dance, writing, choreography, and community initiated at Dartington College of the Arts. The Research Group supports the idea that choreography is a widening field, including areas of social life and philosophical discourse that may fall outside the traditional boundaries of dance.

As a Team we have an interdisciplinary approach to performance making to include drawing, archeology, ambi-sonic sound, animation, improvisation and responses to site and environment – particularly that of Cornwall where the group is based. History is considered through the body and in relationship to people and the performance practices they participate in.

Dance Research @ Falmouth considers the relationship between dance and who it is with, dance and who it is for, and dance and where it happens, as central to its research in both theory and practice; considering these relationships in both critical, compositional and practical terms.