Kill The Cat: The House Never Wins | 21:00

Wednesday, 7 October, 2020 - 21:00

Kill The Cat: The House Never Wins
Tickets: £10/£8
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Online Interactive Game Theatre

Plummeting insect numbers. A sixth mass extinction. Thinning of ice sheets. Sea level rise.
We could all do with a distraction. Take a seat at the table, get ready to play. (There’s a real cash prize at stake.) The House is on fire.
A new interactive game/theatre piece that you can play from the comfort of your own home by exploring the climate crisis and gambling with the planet’s future.
Originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of DARE Festival 2019. Supported by Arts Council England, Shoreditch Town Hall, Camden People's Theatre, Ovalhouse, and Maketank.

Recommended age: 16+
Running time: between 75-90 minutes
This performance requires people to take part in a gambling role play.

Kill The Cat is the collaboration between theatre makers Madeleine Allardice and Dylan Frankland: makers of bold interactive theatre described as having the ability ‘to start a new movement in theatre’ (PRSD). Their work explores difficult social issues such as mental health, loneliness and the climate crisis in inventive ways.