Tom Dale Company: Surge - 20:00

Saturday, 20 November, 2021 - 20:00

Tom Dale Company: Surge
Tickets: £10/£8 concessions
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Surge is Tom Dale Company’s new dance show for 2021.

Humanity is pushing at the boundaries of evolution as we enter the augmented age. The digital world is on a quest to re-create life and does this by making ever more real copies of the world.

Humans share the planet with the new life force – technology. We ask: “What is the future of the human body in a world beset by inequality… as evolution/natural selection – is replaced by intelligent design?”

Surge is a stunningly visual, immersive dance performance, performed inside a digitally projected landscape to an evocative music score – a concept album live on stage from acclaimed electronic musician Ital Tek.

Concept developed by Tom Dale, Jemima Brown and Barret Hodgson
Choreography: Tom Dale
Digital Projection Mapping: Barret Hodgson
Dance and Live Vocals: Jemima Brown
Music: Ital Tek