Prodigal Theatre: The Fight - Autumn 2021

Wednesday, 17 November, 2021 - 19:30

Prodigal Theatre: The Fight
Tickets: £10/£8 concessions
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Friends, have you ever seen a fight?
If not, you have a pleasure to come…’

This year marks the 200-year anniversary of William Hazlitt publishing his classic essay ‘The Fight’ – a rip roaring ride into the belly of Georgian bloodsport that inspired a genre of journalism and stands as one of the great pieces of prose writing. But what has changed? In 1821 England had won a protracted conflict with Europe but struggled to win the peace. The rich were getting richer while the poor still starved. Disease stalked the land whilst protest was suppressed, and everywhere; nationalism was on the rise. A population caught between the promises of politicians and the harsh reality of economics sought much needed escape in spectacle… sound familiar?

Blending boxing with Hazlitt’s wit; texts contemporary and classic, performance-parkour, song, and the sweet science of defence, Prodigal set out to discover if – two centuries on – our sporting rivalries remain as tied to our national identities as ever.

Performed by Elijah Holloway and Alister O’Loughlin